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About Highline Import Auto - Mesa, AZ

Car Repair Mesa

At Highline Import Auto, we know how important it is to have a trustworthy mechanic on your side. In fact, over the past 15 years this is exactly how we have built our name. We treat every single customer with the same respect and courtesy in the hopes that they will go home and tell their friends and family about us. We have been in your shoes before, and therefore try our best to make each visit as smooth and painless as possible.

Our owner and head technician Wes Hawkins found his calling many years ago when he purchased his first car – a 1968 Pontiac Firebird which had been sitting in a barn for 12 years. He quickly realized that if he was going to be able to take his date out to the movies, or his friends out to lunch, he was going to have to become handy with a wrench. This single act of necessity quickly turned into a life-long passion, which led him into a career in the automotive industry.

With a little luck and while still in high school, Wes was eventually able to land a part time job at a car repair shop where he started out emptying trash cans, mopping, and occasionally changing oil. Through his hard work and dedication, Wes was eventually able to become a fully trained automotive technician. He moved on several years later to work at a Toyota dealership where he refined his customer service skills and also soaked up everything he could about current automotive technology. After 10 years with Toyota Wes decided it was time to head out on his own, and this is when Highline Import Auto was born!

While we do promise to maintain your Import or American vehicle to the utmost standards, we hope that you will see what truly sets us apart from others – Our no nonsense experience, attention to detail, and underlying goal for continuous improvement.
Highline Import Auto